Casting for a short film set to shoot in November. We are an independent production company in Kona, on the Big Island. Accommodations can be provided if actors come from another island. Looking for:

- middle-aged female to play the mother of lead character. "Ronnie" is a recovering alcoholic, she lives with her daughter, Miriam, and takes care of her granddaughter while Miriam works. Though she is tough on her daughter for making poor decisions in life, she understands that they need each other and her love for her granddaughter helps mend the brokenness of their relationship.

- 25-30 year old male to play the ex of lead character. "Ryan" was just released from jail where he served time for car theft. He is the father of Miriam's child, but informs Miriam that he will be moving off-island for a good employment opportunity, and a new relationship. Miriam attempts to get him to stay by seducing him, but the history between them is too much to convince either of them that staying together could work.

"Miriam" is a short film about the bond between mother and child that can get one through even the worst of days.

If interested, please send email to

24 Frames of Light Production Company

University of the Nations, Kona, HI

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