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Now Closed - Thank You For Your Support - Background Extra Casting Call for "Be On Song," a short film - LCC Student Film 2 Replies

Now Closed - Thank You For Your Support - Background Extra Casting Call for "Be On Song," a short film - LCC Student FilmContinue

Started by Jerald M. S. Pang. Last reply by Jerald M. S. Pang Nov 12, 2013.

Brain Declaration! 1 Reply

I declare that I am the Master of my brain.I declare that my brain has infinite possibilities and creative potential.I declare that my brain has the right to accept or refuse and information or…Continue

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Why are we not creating serious feature length local productions... 32 Replies

This is a great place to live and these are great sites as are the people on them.  But I'm puzzled.With all the talent on these sites and islands, why haven't we put our heads together and…Continue

Started by Percival Scott. Last reply by Edmund G. Moy Apr 10, 2012.

A TV Program Concept

There are several TV shows about the auctioning off of abandoned storage units. They basically follow some people who bid on these units and then see if they get their money's worth from the…Continue

Started by Roger Garrett Feb 5, 2012.

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Comment by Tamara Temple on April 11, 2012 at 9:15am

Thank you for your brave and honest feedback Gina. You may have helped many people like me for being willing to speak up. Tamara

Comment by Michael Snoopy Wells on April 10, 2012 at 1:03pm

Thats why it's important to us to support Hawaii's Film Industry and not follow Hollywood by creating a Film Industry with you in mind! But if people wants the same negative association to a Film Industry in Hollywood or we can together build a positive film industry for everyone! So with Gods help and power thats my focus and will not be diminish by negative thoughts about a Film Industry, but by the faith of God I support everyone and your positive road to success! So be your best and forget the rest!

Comment by Michael Snoopy Wells on April 10, 2012 at 12:35pm

Thanks Al well put!

Comment by Al Lanier on April 10, 2012 at 12:32pm

Acting workshops are part of what I call the Acting Industrial Complex which is designed to seperate aspiring and want-to-be actors from their money by playing on their desire and passion for the craft of acting.

Workshops are just one of the pitfalls of being in this business. Its nice to think that people should share their experience for the good of the profession but it just doesnt work that way. Hollywood is built on making as much money as It can from people and these workshops are no different. They fall under the "No money, no honey" rubric.

AS for people telling people if they want to make it as actors, they need to leave Hawaii, well this is just common sense. Its nothing new. I know actors who plan to make the trip to LA and I can't tell them not to do it if they are serious about making a living from film and TV work.

However, I do agree that is has long been since time for people in this industry here to put up or shut up. I have only been an actor for over a year and I just cant understand the kinds of attitudes I encounter here in this industry.

For the life of me I dont understand why we arent creating and producing SAG Indie feature length films here in Hawaii. Say what you want about films like GET A JOB and ONE KINE DAY--at least those filmmakers sucked it up and made feature length films that got screened.At least these guys got their films made. They deserve respect for that alone.

Here's what we need-a local funding mechanism that funds films made by LOCAL FILMMAKERS. Not simply tax breaks for Hollywood films.

We need to allow filmmakers the access to capital they can use to fully fund locally-made films and hire local actors who will get PAID for their work-not this lunch and DVD nonsense.

If people serious about the film industry here, then start supporting it by giving it the financial and creative infratsructure It needs. Until that happens, it will be lack of business as usual.

Comment by Michael Snoopy Wells on April 10, 2012 at 11:51am

HAN is all the members that supports Hawaii's Film Industry and it is a Social Network for Hawaii's Film Industry! Members are allowed to do whatever they want to support Hawaii's Film Industry but setting up a Group will not stop you from being taken advantage of! And stopping people from getting information because others don't want it would come off as being selfish! As a social network we can choose whatever we want to read or participate in same as productions can choose who they want to have in there productions so if they are not being fare we have a community to go to for help and can decide to watch the Movie or TV show! We have the power to do what we want and we should use that power! But what we want do is cut off info or opportunity from members for gain of money! It didn't work before and it will not work now! Hawaii's Film Industry should support Hawaii's Film Industry

Comment by Hawaii Film Industry on April 10, 2012 at 11:40am

I think we should really give these acting classes and workshop a close look before allowing them to take advantage of our Hawaii actors.

Comment by Michael Snoopy Wells on April 10, 2012 at 11:27am

I'm also hearing that our very own supporters of Hawaii Film Industry are at workshops telling Actors in Hawaii that in order to make it in the Film Industry you should leave your home! So my question to them is or you helping to promote our industry here in Hawaii or in support of the outsiders to come in make money? 

We need more supporters for Hawaii's Film Industry!

When outsiders come to share there knowledge should not just come to make money but leave a certificate, picture, something to say you are being trained by so call pros! 

And we need to help to build Hawaii's Film Industry not leave our home!

"Hawaii's Film Industry where paradise is home"

Ask your local coaches right here on the island to help you with your decisions to  make it in Hawaii's Film Industry, But if they are telling you to leave in oder to make it then you have to Question weather they are here for you or for there own pockets! Thats why I love Wayne Ward and his passion for Hawaii's Film Industry! So always do your homework and remember you are the talent so be the best at what you do! When someone tells you "No" that is not opportunity but opportunity awaits around the corner for you as long as it's your passion!

Help Build Hawaii's Film Industry! Mahalo

Comment by Gina Surles on April 10, 2012 at 10:50am

Yes, heard about it from HAN.  It is apparent they posted on every group.  Yes, they should pay some kind of fee for advertising, I agree.  Feedback would be a good thing because others can see our comments.  I googled to find info on this workshop and on NDP but I couldn't really find anything.

Comment by Roger Garrett on April 10, 2012 at 10:40am

I'm curious, did you find out about that acting workshop through a posting or emailing from HAN? I've noticed a number of such postings on HAN in the past, and they often come to us through the various groups on HAN, such as the Hawaii-50 group or the Battleship group. I think it would be good policy for HAN to set up a specific group for classes and other advertisments (and prohibit them on any other group). That way only those members who want to receive such offers will get them. In addition, I think HAN should charge those companies for posting their advertising notices. It would provide some income to HAN to help pay for this site and for all the other services that HAN provides to its membership. And finally, I think HAN should provide some feedback or rating mechanism, so that members can let others know how effective the classes, etc. were and whether they got value for their money.

Comment by Gina Surles on April 10, 2012 at 10:21am

Please be careful of the workshops you choose.  I attended the recent Jane Jenkins “5-hour acting intensive” workshop, organized by Next Dimension Productions (NDP).  I don’t know if everyone realizes it but many of us, in the Sunday class at least, did not get what was advertised in NDP’s announcement:


What You'll Learn at The Workshop:

1. Audition technique for feature films.

2. What a feature film casting director looks for and insider tips.

3. How to stand out on camera and GET the CALLBACK.

4. The audition, the callback, the producers session, how to approach each.     




That last line, promising some type of personal feedback or criticism from Ms. Jenkins on the scenes we were to prepare, clinched my decision to pay the expensive $200 fee and sign up. 


The workshop was hardly an “acting intensive” – our crowded class, around 28 of us, listened to an informative lecture/Q&A and watched about six of the scenes before we took a half hour lunch break. We also received some “coaching” from the NDP staff.  My “coach” yawned throughout reading with me and commented that I was obviously prepared.  Regarding the four points above, only #2 was covered.  I don’t recall discussion of #1 or #3, and in #4, “…the callback, the producers session, how to approach each,” was never brought up.


For the remaining two hours after lunch, we watched all the other scenes or presented our own. Maybe half the class did receive some direction from Ms. Jenkins and performed their scenes again.   I was among those who did not receive any evaluation.  Not one word.  I wanted to ask for feedback but I didn’t want to appear rude or cut into someone else's time because we were running late.  Besides my own disappointment, I felt bad for the people who flew in from Kauai and Maui and also barely received a few words about their scene.  I was glad to see we came prepared and memorized, ready to "represent," and truly caring about making a good impression.


I’m grateful when someone like Ms. Jenkins visits the islands, and I look forward to learning from them.  In this instance, however, I question the integrity of NDP and the people they are presenting around the U.S. and Canada.  It seemed like their goal was simply to pack us in and get as much money as possible without responsibility to actually give us what they said they would.  I question their true reason for coming here.  I know I’ll be more careful of “experts” soliciting for our participation in the future, especially for these high-priced, one-day workshops.


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