Casting for The Hitman, composed of two 1-1/2 minute sections, Demo Reels for actor, BRYCE; actress, EUNICE. The first section is martial arts, and second, romance. The Hitman is called for a big job, one calling for his disappearance afterward; however, there is a hiccup in job, as his own single trainee interferes with a day.

NOTE: BRYCE is already cast for, but his description follows to help fill in the story line, as no sides provided until on site for the casting of the film. BRYCE, a 30s 5’7”, Hitman, had always done small jobs. Through small talk with his hairdresser, he decided to take her in, giving private lessons in his lethal craft.

Casting for:

EUNICE: 20s-30, 5’3-7,” Caucasian, shoulder length blond who is pretty, not overly built, and put herself through beauty school, but dreams of an exciting life, the CIA. Conversation a couple years ago with BRYCE, led her to pay top dollar (for her) to teach her asymmetrical fight. She had never been serious with a man. 18 or older only.

Must be fit enough for 7-mile hike up a mountain trail, for the secluded ‘Garden of Eden,’ scene. At a minimum, comfort, using comb and scissors to trim hair, and being taught martial arts, required. Secluded ‘Garden of Eden,’ scene undressing to underwear (a one piece shoulder less bra strap top, often used for formal wear, with matching bottom), also rubbing ointment on each other’s full body. Must be able to deliver humorous lines while undressing, caressing and holding each other, but no simulated sex.

Compensation: a) unlisted YouTube link to demo reels, both the martial arts, and romance, with name slates.

The primary purpose of the film is 1-1/2 minute demo reels for actor, BRYCE; actress, EUNICE. But stringed demo reels could make a short film for festivals. This is non-union. Specified Demo reel time subject to change depending on changing demands and requirements in making the Hitman film. Submit headshot, resume, swimsuit shot to: Subject: Hitman Casting

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