Casting for The Hitman, made of 1-1/2 minute Demo Reels for: actor, BRYCE; actress, EUNICE; actress, LING. For LING, the first scene is intense passionate martial arts with a hidden attraction in an office, the second, love scene between BRYCE and EUNICE, where LING resuscitates BRYCE, realizing her love for him when he’s passed out. The Hitman is called for a big job, one calling for his disappearance afterward; however, there is a hiccup in job, as his own single trainee interferes with a day.

NOTE: BRYCE and EUNICE are already cast, but described. BRYCE, a 30s 5’7”, Hitman, had always done small jobs. He took in his hairdresser EUNICE to teach his lethal craft.

Casting for:

LING: 20s-40s, 5’2”-5’7,” can portray Chinese or Korean, shoulder length hair, Bilingual English (accent fine) and Chinese or Korean, pretty, strong, not need bulk but can, completely versed in grappling (such as Judo, but could be other) or striking martial art (Karate, Wushu, KungFu, Tae Kwon Do, etc.). She, committed to a ruthless country trying to eliminate someone BRYCE took care of, and sent to find out test him, was surprised. 18 or older only.

Must be fit enough for 7-mile hike up a mountain trail, for the secluded ‘Garden of Eden,’ scene between BRYCE and EUNICE, wherein BRYCE and EUNICE are stripped down to underwear for love scene. Must be comfortable embracing, caressing, massaging BRYCE, resuscitating him, clothing him, then assisting him get up & walk with EUNICE, also in intensely intimate martial arts, suggesting passion, also undressing to white T-shirt, removing bra beneath, and to panty covers buttocks, no nudity or simulated sex.

Compensation: a) unlisted YouTube link to demo reel, made of martial arts and help scene, with name slate.

The primary purpose of the film is 1-1/2 minute demo reels for: BRYCE, EUNICE, and LING. But edited demo reel footage could make a short film for festivals. This is non-union. Specified Demo reel time subject to change depending on demands in making the Hitman film. Submit headshot, resume, body shot (swimsuit or fully clothed) to: Subject: Hitman Casting LING

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