Hello! We're looking to cast someone for the following role for an upcoming web spec filming the week of May 21st:

Boat Captain -- Looking for an older man with wrinkles, preferably white facial hair, and intense eyes! Probably Caucasian. 

Filmed on a boat on water, the shoot will be hilarious and creative -- we like to have fun! 

Pay is $200 for the day and should only take about a half a day. 

Looking to cast ASAP, so please send an email to amirakfrancis@gmail.com with a short video of yourself reading the following audition sides! You will be reading for Boat Captain. Doesn't have to be fancy -- you can totally record it over webcam. 

Wanderer: Excuse me! Buongiorno! Je suis buscando la historidad lo sport del golf. (Subtitles)
Boat Captain (strangely, suspiciously, and ever so slowly): You mean, the top performing ball... That is also... HALF OF ZIE PRICE?? (In an Italian accent) 
Boat Captain jumps off of the boat


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I am Elizabeth Weston and am interested in being an extra for this production. My email address is Fennella_weston@yahoo.com



Hawaii Actors Network hawaiiactors@gmail.com Text/Phone 808-971-1553



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