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Shades of Darkness Trailer #1

New full length trailer for my feature Sahdes of Darkness, shot here on island:

Started by Ian Adema Mar 23, 2014.

Looking for acting work

Hello,I'm looking for some acting side jobs to get myself started and build a portfolio. I am a full time carpenter but have had an interest in acting forever, and now realize it's an avenue I need…Continue

Started by Sean Owens May 30, 2013.

Seeking Assistant Producer for Indie Feature

Seeking Assistant Producer for Indie Feature Looking for an Assistant Producer for the ultra-low/no-budget feature film Shades of Darkness being shot on location on the island of Oahu, HI for the…Continue

Tags: Wayne, Ward, assistant, producer, Darkness

Started by Ian Adema Aug 19, 2012.

Seeking Experienced Boom Operators for Indie Feature

Seeking Experienced Boom Operators for Indie Feature Looking for Boom Operators with experience for the ultra-low/no-budget feature film Shades of Darkness being shot on location on the island of…Continue

Tags: Darkness, boom, operators, sounds, of

Started by Ian Adema Aug 19, 2012.

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Comment by Eric West on May 14, 2010 at 10:02am
Of course Duane,
Hawaii is great for our locations. All the producers are mostly out of LA. But some of my writings are set in locations like Florida, Any Town USA, New Zealand, and I have a 30 minute about post apocalypse Hawaii involving only 4 people. And a couple that are sound stage/green screen only. If the plans are still in effect to build the sound stage here... the rental would probably be cheaper and I would rather give the business to the Hawaii industry.
Comment by Conrad Lihilihi on May 13, 2010 at 11:26pm
yeah, i agree with duane. if youre trying to shoot something yourself, it's easiest (and most realistic) to write simple 1-4 character shorts/features and keep your big expensive stuff on the side with intent to sell or for you to make when you gain more success and/or build a bigger network..never stop writing though! write, throw together your packet to market your movie to financiers/investors/family/friends to raise the money..fundraisers, sell zippy's chili tickets, car wash, etc..offer incentives to the owners of shops (plugging their products in your film) and different locations in exchange for you to use their locations for free..actors are the easiest to get..crew is a bit more tricky..not to mention how much easier it is to shoot in hawai'i when in LA, the second you set up a tripod in public a cop is asking you for all the paperwork and ready to fine you...but in any case, there are so many ways to get it done with little to no budget WITHOUT making your production SAG...making your production SAG is a tedious and expensive process and at this point in your career should not be an issue, let alone an excuse, to why you can't shoot something..SAG has NOTHING to do with whether or not your film gets made or how well it's received..all it does is make it legally possible for you to use SAG actors and in turn, will run your costs even higher, something i'm sure you're trying to avoid..worst thing you could do is spend all the time and money in getting your production SAG, spending all the money on SAG actors, only to come out with footage that looks terrible and can't be used for your reel because of lack of experience
Comment by Eric West on May 13, 2010 at 7:53pm
Absolutely Keoni.
As an actor, I can't even afford classes. Indie and Student films allow me to strengthen my skills and receive true feedback (mostly from how many takes we've gone through). And at 140 lbs. I don't mind being paid in food.
As a film maker/story teller, I can't even get actors or a crew. Usually its just me and some toys.
As a writer, my potential films are SAG. Not only SAG but in the 30 to over 100 million in budget.
Making films for the sure enjoyment is where it starts. And if it looks good, that's just an even better visual to pitch to producers.
Comment by Conrad Lihilihi on May 13, 2010 at 5:17pm
i'm always confused to why some indie filmmakers are so adamant in making their production SAG if you're working with such a small don't HAVE to make your indie a SAG production..when you look at films like Clerks, it was just completely them and their camera..with the all the fees and hoops you have to jump through to make your production a SAG, when and if you finally do, you probably won't have enough money to pay your actor SAG rates..will it be worth it? you could totally find a talented non union actor or a financial core actor (a lot of actors are going that route these days, allowing them to work non union but still get paid union on union productions)...making your production SAG and using SAG actors just sounds good and gives your production that heir of professionalism.."ooh, you're using SAG actors..oohh you're doing a SAG production" and is unnecessary if you simply can't do doesn't make it doesn't make it more likely to be picked up in's just SAG..unless you truly believe that all SAG actors are much more talented than non union, save your money, find good non union talent and put that money into your film
Comment by Keoni Maemori on April 11, 2010 at 6:18am
Still theirs so many of us local film producers making small films here in the islands with small to no-budgets, using very talented individuals, virtually unknown talent who cant afford SAG premium dues, in essence we just want to make films and be creative and give actors who cant make SAG a chance to get some kind of experience.
Comment by Shawn Lathrop on April 9, 2010 at 5:18am
You can use them if they're financial core.
Comment by terrence teruya on April 3, 2010 at 5:39pm
It's the hardest thing to do since your budget is already under $500.00 in most cases. But just ask, you never know.
Comment by John Kuamo'o on April 3, 2010 at 4:45pm
If I had money, I would defintely be using SAG.
Comment by Jean Simon on April 3, 2010 at 12:06pm
It would be great if some Indie films used SAG talent in Hawaii! We've gotta figure out a way to do this!!!

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