It is time for native Hawaiian and Hawaiian haole screenwriters to write stories about Hawaiian life that inspire the world.  Once we were warriors and whale riders.. now we are lucky to get a part stealing or shooting someone on Hawaii Five-0.  Aloha and its connection to land and sea are lessons in life for the world at war with nature.  WE are the new spiritual crossroads of the new world order and a place of peace, nature, happiness, beauty, romance, healing, enlightenment and peace.. Hawaii is not a backdrop for some haole idea of what paradise is.. free the Aloha and free the world.

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Aloha Kahuna,


No truer words could ever be said. Hawai'i has so much the world will benefit from once they realize that the essence of Hawai'i can only be found beyond the glitz and glitter of haimakamaka resorts, hula dancers in synthetic grass skirts, and canned Don Ho music - the essence of aloha that can only be found BEYOND WAILEA.


To follow is the synopsis of the screenplay BEYOND WAILEA. Our hope is to interest Relativity Media in this important film. The script has attracted major members of the film industry, two of whom have already agreed to assist by atttending the 'Meet and Greet' with Relativity Media on Maui in April. We'd love the kokua of as many more people to as possible to attend and express their support.


This project intends not only to include as many Kanaka Actors as possible, but to also include as many Kanaka as possible in every aspect of production as possible to demonstrate to the world the depth and beauty of the Hawaiian culture, its people, music, philospohy, mana, and aloha.


BEYOND WAILEA  is based on a true story. A story where two parcels of land under litigation in the late 1990's are directly tied to the truth - the truth of the injustice of the overthrow, the thousands of acres of land stolen along with the Kingdom, and the truth of how this injustice continues today. This film hopes to be THE most important film ever made about Hawai'i nei.


But as importantly, this is not an anti-US film, but a film that hopes to awaken the audience to the incredible legacy of Her Majesty Queen Liliu'okalani, a legacy today's world needs to inherit - that truth, the rule of law, and peace must prevail over insanity, and that the idea of war must be left to the study of history.


Anyone interested is encouraged to email me at


Mahalo nui loa,

Malama pono,

Aloha Ke Akua,


J. D'Alba





Based on a true story from the Island of Maui


Against a backdrop of love, personal redemption, politics,and history, this is the story of a small but landmark native land rights case in Hawaii.

In 1996 a seemingly chance event plunges a jaded US mainland attorney into a world unlike any he has known: a grassroots Hawaiian culture nestled in an isolated valley well beyond the glitzy, manicured mecca of Wailea, Maui’s most upscale tourist destination.

Unaware that destiny is at play, the attorney embarks on a mission to assist a family of native Hawaiians who, armed only with truth and their ties to tradition and the land, wish to reclaim what is rightfully theirs: two parcels of oceanfront property on Maui’s north shore. 

The chance of love with a beguiling Hawaiian beauty raises the stakes.

And the stakes are high. The developers who covet the land are not about to relinquish prime real estate without a fight - while the Sugar Corporation and US Government are bent on hiding the truth, with its inherent risk of striking a blow for Hawaiian land rights. What begins as a simple court case spirals into a dangerous battle for justice.

As the case unfolds, a larger principle permeates the proceedings – that of the illegal annexation of Hawaii by the US Government, acknowledged by President Clinton in 1993.

In the face of corrupt officials, intimidation and bureaucratic red tape, it becomes apparent that the attorney’s defeat is imminent. Worse, the Hawaiians he represents are now beginning to doubt him. An unexpected visitor from the mainland complicates matters by throwing into peril the attorney’s one chance of love with the Hawaiian woman whose respect he must win. At a personal and legal crossroads, the attorney must decide: either return to his lucrative, but morally bankrupt life on the mainland - or stay, fight for truth and justice, and take his chances with these strangers who have opened their hearts and lives to him.

Help arrives from an unexpected quarter, providing the attorney with a vital clue for the case. If only he has the courage to follow it through.

After a dangerous, midnight expedition and the fast work of a forensics lab, the court case is decided in an agonizing decision that reveals the true situation of native Hawaiian land rights and Hawaii’s ongoing quest for justice from the US Government. 

E Mr. D'alba,

Your project sounds very interesting.  I'd love to take a look at it.  My email is  I graduated from UH Manoa with a degree in Hawaiian Studies with an emphasis in 'Modern Issues'.  I just finished a feature script (based during and around western contact).  I'm going to try and enter it some script contests later this year.  Send it over when you get the chance.

Mahalo no,


P.S.  Please DO NOT send it if it isn't protected with copyright or WGA registration. 

It's not surprising that Hawaii 5-0 doesn't depict stories with much local know-how: none of the cast is from the islands, and most of the production talent on an endeavor that immense by nature must come from La-La land. Having said that, there is a wealth of opportunity here for both sides. On the Hollywood side, they can potentially tap into a local mythology and historical base that knows no parallels (well, few, in any case, New Zealand has a similar history, perhaps some of the Caribbean countries with their sugar cane history.) For Hawaii authors and story-tellers, we now have the opportunity to perhaps voice some of the issues peculiar to the islands and have it be broadcast on a national, if not global, level.


The hurdle on both sides is the reality that, as J. Michael Straczynski states in his book on screen-writing, the bigger the production, the less willing they are to take risks. And let's face it, with Hawaii's unique and often tragic history, many of the stories are inherently challenging to the establishment.


So... this means that as writers who want to come from a standpoint respectful to Hawaii, we have to compromise somewhat. That's all. You can't move the water buffalo by force. In any case, as a fellow writer always says, a good story is overtly metaphorical and implicitly political. Sneak the issues in, tell a good story, and have fun trying!  



Hawaii Actors Network Text/Phone 808-971-1553



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