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We need actors for this film ASAP!!!  If you are Vietnamese or another East Asian, we need you!  Please see the flier below for details and casting is being extended to Saturday the 1st of March!  Great chance to get another project to add to your ACTOR'S REEL.  Cause let's face it, we all could use more experience doin the bizz!  Good luck and see you there!…


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Promise Yourself.......

                            Promise Yourself...............

To be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.

To talk health, happiness and prosperity to every person you meet.

To make all your friends feel that there is something in them.

To look at the sunny side of everything, and make your optimism come…


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6 Tips For Balancing Fame & Your Relationships

BY: Stan Popovich

Many actors sometimes have a difficult time managing fame and relationships. Here are some suggestions on how to not let fame get the best of you.

1. People don't control their own fame. A person must understand that fame comes and goes and that a person has no control over his or her popularity. Fame is elusive and cannot be controlled.

2. Always remember your values. Your friends and family will be with you for your…


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When Your Friends Do Not Understand Your Mental Health Condition

By: Stan Popovich

You are just diagnosed with a mental health condition such as depression, bipolar disorder, panic disorder, addiction, OCD, or some other mental health disorder. You go see a counselor to get help. Eventually your relatives and closest friends find out your condition. The problem is that some of them get on your case and do not understand what you are going through. Here are four ways to deal with this situation.

1. Listen To The Professionals And Not Your…


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5 Tips On How Actors And Others Can Benefit From Rehab

By: Stan Popovich

Many actors and other people  who enter rehab for various mental health issues sometimes do not know how to take advantage of the advice given to them.  Many of these people go to rehab multiple times and still are not sure how to handle their mental health issues. Here are some tips on what a person can do when they go to rehab.

1.  Accept That You Have A Problem

The first step a person needs to do when they go to rehab is to admit they…


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6 Tips On How Actors Can Maintain Their Privacy

By: Stan Popovich

Many actors have a difficult time maintaining their privacy. Here are a few suggestions on how celebrities can manage their private life and deal with the media.

1.  Monitor Your Fame and Adjust Accordingly

The first step a celebrity can do is to monitor their fame. If a celebrity becomes a house hold name then he or she should expect the kind of media exposure that is coming their way. If a famous person isn’t always in the news, he or she can…


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How Actors Can Overcome Embarrassing Media Reports

By: Stan Popovich

Many actors and entertainers sometimes have to deal with embarrassing media reports which can cause a lot of problems. Here are a few suggestions on how to deal with these kinds of media reports.

1. Determine A Strategy Beforehand

Chances are that if you’re a celebrity you will have to deal with some kind of media report in your career. Don’t wait until something happens. Plan ahead of time so that when something does happen you…


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Michael Snoopy Wells Bella Petite Hour with Teddy Wells

Aloha HAN members,
    Just wanted to send you a reminder about the interview with Bella Petite on tomorrow.
LIVE BROADCAST 12/20 (Tues) at 1pm EST (8am Hawaii Time)
THE Bella Petite Hour "Next Generation Entertainment"…

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Michael Snoopy Wells Hawaii's Got Fashion

Social Networking for YOUR film industry!

A message to all members of Hawaii Actors Network…


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Michael Snoopy Wells Who is ready for First Choice Hawaii

We currently have 48 members that have there profile ready for First Choice, as we grow we hope that all of our members can be First Choice and ready for casting! 

First Choice Hawaii Driving You To Be Your Best

First Choice Members must comply with the following:

1. Must be a Hawaii…


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Michael Snoopy Wells Now It's Time To Show The World Hawaii's Film Industry

NOTE: Profiles without profile pictures will be deleted in the near future! "PUT UP YOUR BEST AND FORGET THE REST" 

Logos for Business, Pictures for Models, Actors, etc......

Also be a part of First Choice Hawaii

First Choice Members must comply with the following:

1. Must be a Hawaii resident.



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Just Another Day In Paradise

Two things to do on the way to an audition:  rock out and sing loud to your favorite music and for Heaven's sake, put the top down if you can, your hair can be fixed but that shot of straight-from-the-sun-vitamin-D can't be replicated!


Actors in Hawaii are lucky - the industry so far has been much more than kind, the actors are incredible and helpful to one another, and oh boy, even the terrible traffic here gets you across the island in minutes (sometimes a LOT of minutes),…


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Hawaii Actors Helpers - Driving you to be your best!

Aloha all Hawaii Actors Members,

              Join Hawaii Actors Network as we help our Hawaii actors to put together demo reels, resumes and photos. Let us know in this discussion how you are able to help. If you are a filmmaker, acting coach, photographer, scrip writer or monetary contributor, we want to hear from you. If you have a service that may help our actors, we also would like to hear from you.

Mahalo for your Kokua…


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"The Final Act" Auditions

Hello, my name is Dallas Moffis I am the director for an upcoming film being produced by the University of Hawaii at Manoa Academy for Creative Media. The ACM program has produced many films that have gone onto film festivals across the world, and has proven to be an excellent tools for aspiring actors to get their name and talents noticed.





Set in a…


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Michael Snoopy Wells Check Out Your Hawaii Actors

Excellence Happens

Check out the Wells Brothers, Wendy Pearson, and other Hawaii actors. 

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Michael Snoopy Wells "If You Are Not Getting Better, Then What Are You Getting."

Aloha HAN Members

As the film industry in Hawaii keeps growing we must strive to get better at what we do. Weather it's acting, film making, modeling, etc..... On the Hawaii Actors Network there are many ways to get help. No one is better than the other one. We must work together to help each other so that we can grow together. This is the only way to grow together. Choose what works for you, you are your own creator.

If one acting coach does not work for you then choose another one,… Continue

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Under the Skin: Getting Ready for Action

I truly feel blessed to have so many dedicated, hardworking professionals backing me up. I remember when I first started this project, I would wonder how I would get people to help me, let alone enough people to encompass all of the countless facets that go into making a film.

One of my traits that has played to my advantage is that I am a researching fool. This really helps in maintaining the authentic look that I am being known for and it also keeps me on track in regards to the… Continue

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“Volunteerism is the voice of the people put into action. These actions shape and mold the present into a future of which we can all be proud.”  ~ Helen Dyer Volunteerism is what ‘Ōlelo Community Media is built upon. For nearly 24 years,  ‘Ōlelo Volunteers have dedicated thousands of hours assisting with community production work, mentoring […]

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Gather your students, get your popcorn, sit down and be prepared to be entertained by this year’s ‘Olelo Youth Xchange Video Competition’s  658 amazing entries presented by Sony.  The time will fly by as the students demonstrate their creativity and express their views of the issues facing our state. This year’s record number of entries, […]

‘Olelo Kaimuki Community Media Center Grand Opening

Come see our newest community media center (cmc) at Kaimuki High School on Wednesday, February 27th. This cmc replaces ‘Olelo’s facility at Jarrett Middle School and represents an exciting new partnership with Kaimuki High School and DOE TeleSchool Branch. We hope you can join us in celebrating this new chapter in our service to Oahu […]

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‘Olelo Community Media will cablecast the historic joint inauguration of incoming Mayor Kirk Caldwell and newly elected Honolulu City Council members Ikaika Anderson, Ann Kobayashi, Ron Menor, Kymberly Pine and Joey Manahan on Wednesday, January 2nd. The one-hour ceremony will air live on ‘Olelo Channel O‘AHU 55 starting at 10 a.m. It will also be […]


‘Ōlelo Community Media will cablecast LIVE the public viewing of Senator Daniel K. Inouye as he lies in state at the State Capitol on Saturday, Dec. 22 from 5pm through midnight. According to Governor Abercrombie, at the request of the late Senator Inouye’s family, the cablecast will be aired without commentary. TV Broadcast: Saturday Dec. […]

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