Outline Idea? If anyone is listening, hopeful. 

MOVIE TITLE: Dare To Wake Up.

"A group of college students find an ancient artifact and try to decipher the code as it reveals the curse of Freddy Kruger. TWIST: bringing back from the depths of the inner minds of his death. As a younger and youthful version of the character reborn except the college students are all trapped in a dream together. Smoke and Mirrors they try to warn one and another to discover THEY ARE HIM; become separately, [ one of them ; all of them are portrayed individually playing his part inside the dream ] frighten to talk; as actual soul possession take control of their fantasy fueled by dislike or love for each other as it's a fantasy become reality. But? the final catch if they wake up?? they die! but if they stay trapped inside the dream must find a cure to save their lives." 

Outline Written By, 

Robert Lane Aiassa 02/17/2018 @Creative Imaginations2012 


Hayden Panettiere as request being in consideration a possible cast member(s) who is as also ownership creative imagination's is also in part of it's agreed with undersigned contract Nicole Richie to help in a written program for film production.   

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Comment by Robert Lane Aiassa on March 10, 2018 at 2:23pm

The group of college students must find an ancient scribe and decipher the puzzle in order to be set free from his dreams.  [MAZE]  

Comment by Robert Lane Aiassa on February 22, 2018 at 7:40pm


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