"Harold and Kumar Return As International Spies"

  2. The original cast members. from earlier comedy and action series, as good guy, or bad guy, vises versus, from the first couple series, they finally decided, and return to the big screen going around the world as International Spies, and they discovered a Magic Genie Lantern stolen from a museum belong to a historical society.
  3. A fight with Ron Fox who tries to take away the Magic Genie; a alleged good guy ; turns bad; trying t...o keep it all for himself; while being chased by spies from all around the world; taken from a historical museum; Harald and Kumar; along with Patrick Neil Harris, they get a surprising phone call from a former president; the ancient encrypted codes written on the " lantern" itself holds mystical powers.
  4. The meaning , has to be revealed, before it can release theses powers from an unknown tomb; and getting to the place of importance; without being captured or even worst yet; Harold and Kumar from having meet an even more terrible fate; and get back to America alive!
  5. Don't forget about the scheming masterminds; Colten, and again he's up to no good, played by Eric Winters?
    By Creative imaginations, Written By Robert Lane Aiassa : [HANS } Teddy Wells, Hawaii Actors Network. 03/15/2017

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