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At 8:14am on March 17, 2014, Keli'i Aoyagi said…
The thought I had was to gather as many people as we can that have some sort of talent with a disability, and the role behind the production would be showcasing talent that ANYBODY can have. Because a lot of people don't think that a disabled person can do the same as thing as those who are not disabled
At 8:11am on March 17, 2014, Keli'i Aoyagi said…
Who would we have to consult with to bring that kind of production to hawaii?
At 7:14pm on March 14, 2014, Keli'i Aoyagi said…

Aloha Larry

My name is Keli'i, and I saw your post about people with disabilities. Just so you know, I was one of the performers on Harry and Jeanette Weinberg foundation Hawaii Stars episode. I was in a life changing car crash, and I feel Hawaii has a lot of hidden talent behind people with disabilities. For example, I had a traumatic brain injury. But I don't let that stop me

At 2:06pm on March 26, 2011, Nicole perkins said…
Yes, I could but the video relay I have. It's not equipped for audio, it's only visual. If I had 
Either purple relay service, it would definitely make my day.  I'm thinking about having 
My mother take any calls or speak for me, I will do whatever I can to get an agent to
Believe and trust my skills and potentials. Do you hAve any other advices?
At 9:25am on March 25, 2011, Nicole perkins said…
Any deaf actors/actress that can speak well can performA role of a hearing person. Hell, if I could have 5 minutes of directorTime, I would shock the living out of them. When I speAk, people think I'm from Africa, Jamaica, or Guyana but I'm not. I have an accent, I mean Jackie chan has an accent And he's pretty good. I just need agents and directors to give time and patience.I mean I did an audition the other day and I was told to call back, I did. I could tell The senior agent didn't want to do a relay service. So his impatience and ignorAntShot down my potential to act in film. 
At 9:57pm on December 3, 2010, Teddy Wells said…
I'm not understanding your request. Email me the info and link.
At 5:21pm on November 21, 2010, Brian Lavelle said…
Hi Larry,
Will do. I'm a pretty good dust-kicker as well as other kinds of -kicker. Looking forward to getting to know you an' doin' dis ting.

aloha, Brian
At 6:24pm on October 2, 2010, Larry "Tex" Southard said…
I'm going to check with my DVR case worker & see of casting qualify for the tax break
Had to reopen my account because no work
Yeah my old security boss knew about the tax break cause I told him about it & got him the paperwork to fill out
We may only have 2 shows here
50 & OTM
Bet JTCE "Mystery Island" will be filming on BI not here
I have tried to walk away from this career
I went to JR college for the new auto repair stuff
Worked as a mechanic on cars then go-carts then semis
Ended up back driving semi solo long haul, but I always end up back in tbe business
Put 17 years in this business & just can't walk away from it
 1983 was when I first got started in the business in L.A.
Had Cenex/Disk/Sally Pearl/L.A. Casting/etc as my agentcies for work
Was a AFTRA/SEG member back then worked lots of shows
Most were cop or military
Now I can't even get work on a cop show ??
Well nice meeting you maybe if there is some luck we will meet on a set
At 6:09pm on October 2, 2010, Larry "Tex" Southard said…
I knew about the tax stuff
The thing is they don't care about that small stuff
 waiting to see if I get kicked out of HAN for bringing up that there is a CD Black List in hawaii
That's why I'm not getting work right now
I'm Black Listed & know I won't get very much if any BG work & I know I won't get any lines or stunt work
I don't think the productions can qualify for the tax thing, because it's not full time work ??
Wow lucky you
I only got 1 day on "The Descendants"
No I have decided to stop waiting for stuff to happen
I think if I open up a can of ADA on the casting b/s it might do some good
What harm can it do ??
I'm not working now anyway ...  LOL
I now have no respect for Katie
She told me she would let me know if there was anything to work & nothing happen when they had that cattle call for the soccer shot
I even had the chance to work some production over on maui
The CD ask me if I was ok with having to pay my own way over & I had to say "Sorry have to turn it down can't afford it"
Well nice to meet another PWD in han & hawaii
Now if we can just get things more even on the playing field here then it would be nice
At 9:40am on October 2, 2010, Larry "Tex" Southard said…

Tough if they don't like it
They are pushing the limits on free speech in HAN
I know there are some who have requedted that I get kicked out of HAN,but that would be wrong
I'm up current on ADA & about to use it
Got lied to by Katie CD of "Battleship"
Told me she would contact me if anything came up then the cattle call for the soccer shot happen & ??
So I'm about to open a can of "ADA"
We got a bunch of "Spoiled CD Pets" here in hawaii & han that don't like me bringing up that it's happening
Like the one guy posted about "Black Listing"
It's alive & happening in hawaii
I know this first hand
Again "Thanks"
At 10:00pm on April 27, 2010, Hawaii Film Industry said…

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