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Robert Lane Aiassa: The breifcase its intent used with part of the illusion; regular balls inside. Meant only as adult humor, not literally.

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Aug 9, 2019
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"Her appearance is of Ellen Travolta, Charles in Charge, i knew them from Couer d alene. Married to Jack Bannon. Director and producer."
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July 30

(Contact Information) Agent, Talent Manager or Self Managed

Aloha! Back in Hawaii, i look forward to meeting and working along the teams

Portrayable Ethnicities

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Portrayable Age


Height, Weight, Hair Color, Eye Color, Shirt/Blouse size, Pant Size, Shoe Size

5' 9" , 185-190lbs, clean shaven, bald, dark brown, large xlarge shirts, 44-46 chest, 18inc Arms, 30-32 waist • 34L ; 11 w shoes. NOTE : as suggested by agent had several tattoos removed particular of left shoulder [ all but one remains forearm ] and all dental work done with records provided.

Special Talent

Singer & Vocalist, Rock n Roll, Country, worked in public relations. Fitness & Bodybuilding learning as a personal trainer working with others. Im interested in working behind the camera. I believe that given people a second glance, teamwork; and discovery of talent always comes from within the heart. If you don't give up - they dont give up!

What area of Hawaii's Film Industry are you most interested in?

actor, extra, musician, voice actor, stand-in, modeling, editor, set construction, location scout, singer, fan of the film industry, other, student films

Are you available to work in student films?


Let us know your location status

Oahu resident, Mainland USA resident, Willing to travel at own expense, Willing to travel at the productions expense, Able to travel to Mainland


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  • How is everyone?? My prayers to all. Be safe and exercise proper hygiene to avoid putting yourself at risk of Cornavirus. 

  • The Bulldog & Pomeranian,

    Still writing my outline; a short story plot for animation film project.

      The Chihuahua ( another character) is obviously a character but ( hairless breed ) hes not without a bit of attitude; like being a toughest of all other dogs like a beast on steroids. Its part portrayal; to be played by Wladimir Klitschko as leader of notorious street gang, The Dawgs. The bulldog , he left gang when being adopted by Hayden "Leslie" Panettiere. The chihuahua he took over, as he was originally the smallest of the Dawg Pack.  Now? The feaeless little beast is scariest that's respected. The new leader is fearless as Wladimir in real life is 6' 7" it's kinda iconic. But humorous comedy. The pomeranian (Kim Petras) is the adorable sweetheart that's a dancer and show dog earning status. She goes on long road trip. Lost without her. He goes out on adventure to find her. She finds out changed the heart of bulldog, not saying that since he's a bulldog; not smartest ( part of its comedy) but he's lovable, too. Mommy? ( Leslie Panettiere )  whom orginally adopted both of them and not without a few challenges. But big city lights it calls out to them of an unforgettable adventure. 

      WEST SIDE STORY But those Kats; ?? Leading up to a dance off; rival gangs like West Side Story,. The Kats? as ( nearly identical ) as they're Siamese twins by Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie,  short or height differences, but together the duo? They love to play tricks on bulldog? His heart as being gullible. They know his weakness for his love the Pomeranian as a standing joke as he tries to win back his dream girl. 

    What the risk or chances? 

      Always results in him getting into trouble just a adorable film for younger heart by Disney.


      Please keep in mind it's a general outline. Plus plenty of music to appeal to the audience.

    Very Truly, 


    My Personal Reflections.

    Luckily Being Given Another Chance.

    ☆ Here's Why, although, I'm not a member of LGBT; in believe that everyone has rights, its political but its a little too far left. However, Kim Petras ( I Love and Support her ) M to F ; her being transgender. It's still an alternate life style. I really don't care what outside opinions. But it's her "personality," aside the fact; and I personally feel she's gorgeous and she is Very Nice. I hope one day? That may, I hope she'll forgive me over my own misunderstanding; its mine, not her fault. As it was a breach of agreement by me. I felt so hated; and yes at the time? I later put myself went through 12 Step Program. And been working hard to recover and rebuild my life. Although met alot of other Ppl, while still living in Hawaii with the Actors Networks. Yet, I was a total mess and low self esteem; and physically. I was like walking dead. I had chances with many blown opportunity. Yet at the time, too Political, and was warned. Rob? Wouldn't you rather be happy? You can't change the world. I was asked. Today; I'm looking back. My mistakes. But it's a personal reflection based upon my experiences. I had; my life, I had too have learned. Every day; yet; 1 day at time. ( I do use CBD - Hemp ) some may or may not agree other don't in programs. But its been a life saving aside opiates ( prescribed- I didn't know problem ) but it nearly killed me. You only, usually get one chance to "break a leg," in time I hope that ppl will forgive me.

    ▪︎ Living in recovery.

    ▪︎ My qoated: I hadn't given up all hope, that eventually I will prevail. Today, I make better choices and it's my experiences that I am only human, but all will provide in re-acomplishing personal achievements. But I couldn't has otherwise until I made that decision to do something about it.

    Very Truly,
    Robert Lane Aiassa

  • ● IDEAS FOR A CARTOON WESTSIDE STORY - The Bulldog & Pomeranian as an Animated Film Production by Disney.

    Similarly Lady and the Tramp.

    ▪︎ This is about a Disney Cartoon (Bulldog & Pomeranian) they go out on several the owner decided to adopt him because she needed a companion.

    Kim Petras?

    Adam Sandler?

    They quickly became friends comes to her as he was rescued. Been adopted as a member of their family.

    ▪︎ Finally? The bulldog finding his true love fallen for the pomeranian. But shortly after becoming friends, on an evening dare? they both go out having several misadventures. The bulldog, ( he's not very smart ) but she becomes protective of him. Almost belonging to her? The role character of the pomeranian whenever she gets excited ( Hair Gets Puffy ) Of course? But In his mind as the Bulldog. He's the guard dog, I'm the special agent acting more like a Superhero. The Kats?? His greatest enemies? Kats are tricksters! As these two siamese twins are always up to absolutely no good. We know the Bulldog! He means well? The Pomeranian? On the other hand She's quite a bit smarter! She's Adorable coming from an upper middle income class suburban community.

    The mismatched Duo are quiick to become best freinds.

    ▪︎ The Big City Night Scene. The Pomeranian? A Role played by Kim Petras. Who posesses special powers. But the bulldog was born on the wrong side of the tracks! Their Rivalry?

    (Played by Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie; as voice the SiameseTwins)

    The Bulldog was adopted after being captured by humane society.

    After meeting.

    The Bulldog, he formerly belonged to street gangs and noe facing challened by notorious gang leaders. Things begin to heat up! Yes! Opposites attract?

    THEY HAVE MANY DIFFERENT MISADVENTURES - but both kept many secrets.

    Being forced to take sides??

    Also starring

    Dwayne Johnson (spike) and Adam Sandler; the voice of Bulldog begins to become fonder of the rivalry,

    The pomeranian??

    Shortly After Bulldog Losing A Bet?

    ▪︎ Spikes Gang - formerly with bulldog he left his crew after being adopted.

    The first big battle (Westside Story) What will become of the two famous legends in a dance off competition.

    The bulldog realizes his mistakes desperate to win her back he has a big heart.

    At all costs..... plus dont forget?

    ▪︎ The Cats ( Katz ) that are always playing tricks on the bulldog are also another rivals gang to both notrotious outlaw dance street gangs.

    Alex From TEEN Idols.

    Written by

    Robert Lane Aiassa or call me at 720-434-9591 Creative Imaginations, also posted on HANS, Hawaii Actors Networks with All Star Casting.

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    Today 12/2019. 1) A couple years ago had close call with cancer diagnosis. Today? I'm becoming popular weight lifter...

    Опубліковано Robert Aiassa Середа, 18 грудня 2019 р.

    ■ THE HANS .... Hawaii Actors Networks; as screen guild determined with their comparison of Bruce Willis and Mark...

    Posted by Robert Aiassa on Sunday, December 8, 2019

    Kim Petras??

    ( As Pomeranian ) I have an idea Darling!

    ▪︎ This is about a Disney Cartoon (Bulldog) go out on adventure; finding her injured. He comes to her rescue quickly takes to her side ; fallen in love broken hearted from a previous bad romance. Finally? in finding his true love they become friends belonging to her; by defends her gets into mischief. The character of the pomeranian whenever she gets excited ( Hair Gets Puffy ) Of course? But In his mind as the Bulldog. He a special agent more like a Superhero. They find all sorts of mischief begin their adventures coming across a street dancing scene in the big city lights. But does he realize? That she (Pomeranian really has the special powers) The Rivalry? (Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie; the Dawgs) as most notorious gang leaders as things heat up between both sides. Their choices leading to a dance competition. THE HAVE MANY DIFFERENT MISADVENTURES. Being forced to take sides. They eventually team up together with (Nicole Kidman) also starring Dwayne Johnson and Adam Sandler; the Bulldog begins to become fonder of the rivalry. The pomeranian?? After losing only the first big battle (Westside Story) What will become of the two famous legends. Tragically as heartbreaking sets in? The bulldog realizes his mistakes desperate to only win back her heart at all costs..... plus dont forget?

    ▪︎ The Cats ( Katz ) are also another rivals gang to both notrotious outlaw Street gangs.

    But Agian whose to judge other than??

    Alex From TEEN Idols.

    Kim?? Plus Concert Ideas Too.

    You Can Wear An I Dream of GENIE as an outfit to be used out on stage.

    Written by
    Robert Lane Aiassa or call me at 720-434-9591 Creative Imaginations


    The ghosts, the goblins, the ghouls.
    The ghosts, the goblins, the ghouls.
    1▪︎1 , 2▪︎2, 3▪︎3,
    Marching down the streets,
    They all come out late at night on this very festive Halloween eve.
    Look out!
    A it's a vampire!
    Oh my,
    Look up,
    The wicked witch is way uo high riding her magic broom,
    Eh eh eh eh!
    Eh eh eh eh!
    The howling of the Wolverines!
    The ghosts, the goblins, the ghouls.
    The ghosts, the goblins, the ghouls.
    1▪︎1 , 2▪︎2, 3▪︎3,
    Do you hear it?
    1▪︎ 1. 2▪︎2, 3▪︎3,
    The MONSTERS they're everywhere!
    My oh my yes they are!
    Come on?
    Can you sing it now?
    The ghosts, the goblins, the ghouls.
    The ghosts, the goblins, the ghouls.
    1▪︎1 , 2▪︎2, 3▪︎3,
    Parading into the streets,
    Oh my?
    The Zombie's??
    Oh yes!
    Oh yes it is!
    The ghosts, the goblins, the ghouls.
    The ghosts, the goblins, the ghouls.
    1▪︎1 , 2▪︎2, 3▪︎3,
    1▪︎1, 2▪︎2, 3▪︎3,
    The ghosts, the goblins, the ghouls.
    The ghosts, the goblins, the ghouls.
    1▪︎1 , 2▪︎2, 3▪︎3
    Oh yes?
    But is it really you say
    Trick or treat!
    Oh yes,
    Oh yes it is,
    they're everywhere on this every
    festive Halloween!


    Please Do Not Drink & Drive and remember to be careful a thank you. M.A.D.D. Mother's Agaisnt Drinking & Driving.

    Written by,
    Robert Lane Aiassa 09/08/2019

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