Christopher Paul Hutchinson posted a status
Dec 24, 2020
So with all the island that is eroding away, why has big brother not taken action to remedy the situation, instead of bandaiding the land? If we purchased a fleet of simple kayaks along with a deep water sludge pump and a solar cell on each one. We would have the means to move a large amounts of sand from the ocean to the beaches. We could save property, at the same time it will take upwards of three to five unemployed workers to man each machine. J/S

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  • I would gladly volunteer 

  • Solar cells would be expensive and it would take many, a generator would be the way to go

  • Those employees would need to be fed clothed and housed,  which we could do on boats or even starting up some tiny house communities.  With the crews working 24hrs a day on rotating shifts.  They would be building their own futures.

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